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Published on 19 October 2022 at 18:00

Four Shards of Hope will be published on December 19th, so you know what that means...

Time for ARC copies!


You can find the cover on the right, and the blurb down below:


One lost. Three left behind.
And one to save from another kingdom.

After a devastating end to the final trial, three are left to pick up the pieces.
Broken by pain, they have to work together to regain vital parts of the kingdom.
But people are watching, lurking in the shadows, waiting for them to make a mistake.
Are they strong enough to overthrow Iluniel, or will friendship, love and trust prevail?
Pain and grief to process, a life to save, and a single goal:
Keep Railon from setting foot in Iluniel.


You have time to sign up until November 19th, then I will announce the five winners.

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