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I have decided to unpublish both of my books because they need more work that I should've put into them before I published.

The e-book is still up on Amazon, but I will request from everybody interested in reading my book to wait until May for the new and improved second edition of my debut series.

Thank you for understanding.

Currently published

Four Threads of Fate series


Four Threads of Fate

Four trials. One outcome.
Countless secrets.

To gain her full magic potential, Dawn Sungust has chosen to take on the sacred trials of her family.
But not everybody is on her side.
Her sister, Leanne, will stop at nothing to put an end to Dawn's trials.
Even if this means it ends in death.
Will Dawn beat her sister and unlock her full potential?
Or will her own flesh and blood be her undoing?

A fight for power, friends supporting each other, and a single goal:
Keep the kingdom from crumbling under Leanne's rule.


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Four Shards of Hope

One lost. Three left behind.
And one to save from another kingdom.

After a devastating end to the final trial, three are left to pick up the pieces.
Broken by pain, they have to work together to regain vital parts of the kingdom.
But people are watching, lurking in the shadows, waiting for them to make a mistake and break.
Are they strong enough to overthrow Iluniel, or will love, trust and courage prevail?

Pain and grief to process, a life to save, and a single goal:
Keep Railon from setting foot in Iluniel.


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Soon-to-be published

Four Threads of Fate series



Book 3


Release: tbd 2023/2024









Enemies to lovers prequel about Madion and Jade.


Release: July/August 2023

Unknown trilogy


Enemies to lovers, involving a curse. And of course, found family. Disability (stammer, hard of hearing, amputee, wheelchair bound, etc.) and LGBTQ+ rep (Bisexual, asexual, straight, etc.)


Release: October/November 2023

Short stories

Heaven gained an angel

A short story about saying goodbye to a loved one. No matter how prepared you might be, it'll always bring fort agony and longing for them to stay.


Only Blood

He has had blood on his hands all his life.

She has never had any blood on hers.

Arranged to be married, will they grow to hate each other... or might there grow something else too.


Weekly updates on Friday, starting on May 1st.

Read the first chapter now.


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Reviews on my books

Four Threads of Fate

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