My books and stories

I have decided to unpublish both of my books because they need more work that I should've put into them before I published.

Thank you for understanding.

Currently published

Four Threads of Fate series

Will be published again in 2024/2025


Four Threads of Fate

Four Trials. One outcome.
Countless secrets.


One minute could be all it takes to rip one's life apart.
Dawn knows first-hand how it feels to lose it all.
After watching her parents be brutally murdered, her sister Leanne turned on her and she lost the last pillar holding her up.

Five years later, she has had enough and takes on the four ancient trials that have granted her family their true powers for eras.
Yet her sister will go to far greater lengths to stop Dawn.

The question is, will she succeed?


A fight for survival, friends protecting each other, and one goal:
Keep the kingdom from crumbling under Leanne's reign.


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Soon-to-be published

Four Threads of Fate series



Book 2 & 3


Release: 2024/2025









Enemies to lovers prequel about Madion and Jade.


Release: 2024/2025

Fae series involving 12 siblings and a murder plot.


Release: 2025

Short stories

Heaven gained an angel

A short story about saying goodbye to a loved one. No matter how prepared you might be, it'll always bring fort agony and longing for them to stay.


Only Blood

He has had blood on his hands all his life.

She has never had any blood on hers.

Arranged to be married, will they grow to hate each other... or might there grow something else too.


On hold, while I rewrite the story.


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Four Threads of Fate

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