Beta Readers wanted!

Published on 25 August 2023 at 18:00

We're back!

After a lengthy hiatus of trying to figure everything out, I am back and in need of beta readers for the second edition of Four Threads of Fate 😁


It has been fully rewritten, with new scenes, a new cover, a new special edition next year, and much more.


The new blurb: 

Four Trials. One outcome.
Countless secrets.


One minute is all it could take to rip one's life apart.
Dawn knows first-hand how it feels to lose it all.
After watching her parents be brutally murdered, her sister Leanne turned on her and she lost the last pillar holding her up.


Five years later, she has had enough and takes on the four ancient trials that have granted her family their true powers for eras.
Yet her sister will go to far greater lengths to stop Dawn.


The question is, will she succeed?

A fight for survival, friends protecting each other, andone goal:
Keep the kingdom from crumbling under Leanne's reign.


Go to the link down below to sign up!

Make sure to read my post on IG or TikTok to see the requirements, or read the form to find out!

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